It was good while it lasted! I had a feeling his post was coming sooner or later. Maybe i’ll bring it back from the dead and continue with my usual boring shit later in the future….but for now

New Space

New Face

New Place

….If you know then you know….if you don’t then you don’t


A quick edit and a quick insert into the last/final post (for now atleast). I love this song. It brings nothing but good happy memories back to me…

Currently in Japan for couple weeks. Really enjoying it here because the people are so nice and polite, the food is great, and the shopping is insane. Only covered Shinjuku and Shibuya so far. Enjoy the pictures!

cool uniqlo store

probably the most expensive watermelon ever!

mos burger

mos burger!

first sushi spot

green-tea donuts

more to come……..